Peak Performance Intensives

Why Peak Performance Intensives?


Why Peak Intensives?

What’s getting in the way of your goals, your path, your ikigai? It could be a small whisper of doubt or a tsunami of distraction internally or externally in your life. But whatever it is, you know it's there. If your reading this, you are most likely at the top of your game or on the way there. But you are facing some type of resistance or emotional disturbance that most likely either raises its ugly head when you least expect it or it may be hanging around as a low hum or loud gong that is impeding your Flow and Mental, Emotional, and Relational Edge. And if you are reading this, you know Flow and Edge are important. You would not be where you are today without them.

This opportunity for growth impacting your career and life is beyond what can be learned or taught in a book or seminar. This is an investment that will impact the whole of who you are.

It's time to reestablish or strengthen your Edge and Potential. It's time to invest in you in a way that gives your brain and body a chance to process the resistance or emotional disturbance that has been coming between you and where you want to be in your work and in your relationships.

It's time to reach your Peak.

It's time for Peak Performance Intensives.


What Peak Intensives Provide:

Through the modalities of Brainspotting, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, Attachment Theory, Object Relations Theory,  Somatic Therapy principles, and Mindfulness, Peak Performance Intensives offer Emotional, Relational, and Cognitive Enhancement that includes the following principles and benefits:

  • Increase Emotional Resiliency and Agility to become Less Reactionary, More Emotionally Responsive.
  • Identify triggers, emotional disturbance, resistance, obstacles, and distractions that impede your Flow and Potential in love, work, and play.
  • Increase the ability to stay focused on what truly matters to you as a person and decrease the tendency when faced with resistance and emotional disturbance to pursue meaningless activities, addictions, and dead-end relationships.
  • Enhance the balance of a wide range of emotions that allow the self capacity to regulate them thus decreasing resistance and emotional disturbance one may face in their pursuits.
  • Enhance mastery of key positive and adaptive abilities, skills, and outlook that have gotten you to where you are today.
  • Decrease and/or eliminate negative thoughts/cognitions that affect one's overall positive sense of self and the abilities, skills, and outlook by which one relates and works.
  • Identify and replace unhealthy coping mechanisms with healthy and sustainable ones to increase soothing and accessing feelings, both painful and positive.
  • Increase resilience in the ability to make and stick with commitments and goals in the face of obstacles, resistance, and emotional disturbance.
  • Increase the capacity of creativity allowing the ability to replace old patterns of living and problem-solving with new or equally more successful ones.
  • Increase the ability for intimacy and connection in close relationships while decreasing emotional disturbance and resistance the person may encounter as they increase their ability to open and express themselves with more transparency and vulnerability.
  • Increase the ability to stay true to one's self whether you face success or failure.



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